8-10 April - ElixirConf EU - Prague


The European hub for the Elixir community. Developing your understanding of key Elixir concepts, frameworks and libraries.

Keynotes confirmed:

José Valim, creator of Elixir
Chris McCord, creator of Phoenix
Brooklyn Zelenka, creator of numerous Elixir libraries

26 Speakers, over 2 days and 2 tracks.
1 Day of training.

Early bird conference and training tickets close 19 February.
Standard tickets close 30 March.
Last minute tickets close 31 March.

More details and to register on website.

Who went? What did you think?

Here’s the Twitter hashtag: https://twitter.com/hashtag/elixirconfeu loads of #liveview buzz :003:



I had a great time, got a chance to talk to a bunch of people I’ve interacted with here and on the slack! I’m honestly still digesting all that information I got, but I can say that I feel super inspired now.

Some highlights: @michalmuskala talking about how erlang boots (funniest talk), @keathley talking about resilient distributed systems, and @evadne (almost) live coding an ETS ecto adapter!

btw I’m in that picture :wave:


Glad you had a good time Jola! Will keep an eye out for those talks when they are uploaded :003:

Ooo! I had to look very closely to find you! (Are you sitting at the far right hand side? :D)

If you took any pics yourself please post them - I love putting a face to a name :lol:

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I just had a look at her slides and now I’m even more curious.


The conference was great, I attended several very interesting talks and had many good conversations.

Subjective selection of talks that I enjoyed the most:

  • @josevalim’s keynote about Broadway – directly beneficial in our project, and we’ll be making the switch from our homebrewed Flow-based solution
  • “Rewriting critical software in Elixir” by Renan Ranelli – some very good and practical ideas
  • “Let there be light” by @michalmuskala – interesting details about how Erlang boots up
  • “Modular Design in Elixir” by @mkaszubowski – how to come up with good module boundaries, it was very practical and took away some good techniques
  • “Elixir Down Under” by Sophie Troy – interesting case study about how Vamp uses Elixir, and reports about the Australian community
  • @chrismccord’s keynote about Phoenix LiveView – while we’re not using Phoenix yet, it’s great to see what LiveView is about and makes me even more eager to migrate our Rails app to Phoenix