9) ElixirConf 2017 - Embedded Elixir for Monitoring the Built Environment - Christopher Coté


ElixirConf 2017 - Embedded Elixir for Monitoring the Built Environment - Christopher Coté

At CRT Labs (National Association of Realtors) we are developing an open source building health monitoring system, Rosetta Home. The platform consists of several subsystems for gathering data from disparate data sources including hyper-local weather, whole-home energy usage, indoor environmental quality and HVAC utilization.

The platform is built on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Nerves, a system for building embedded Elixir systems, and several USB gateways for interacting with the different subsystem hardware. Through a combination of wireless protocols including WiFi, ZigBee and 915Mhz FSK we aggregate the disparate data sources for analysis within a cloud based GUI. The Raspberry Pi also hosts a local web server for configuration and review of real time sensor data using websockets and an Elm based frontend.

The cloud platform consists of a simple Elixir/Erlang middleware for client/server certificate verification, InfluxDB as the time-series data store and Grafana for data visualization.

The talk will go in depth into building a production Nerves system and include a full demo of the working system.

Christopher Cot‚é is also a member of the Nerves core development team.

The platform itself is available here https://github.com/rosetta-home/rosetta_home . Along with open sourcing the core platform, we have also open sourced all of the libraries the platform is built upon.

Audience: Intermediate

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These talks make me feel like Nerves has landed. That’s just so darn awesome!