99designs for logo / design work?

I am looking to hear experiences with 99Designs or other crowdsourced design products. Having a logo/website designed for $600-1200 USD seems like it would be a good deal if you receive what you wanted. If you used alternatives to 99Designs or have suggestions for those looking for logo/website design that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars, please share. Of course, I would prefer to work with a local company but the budget is small and coming out of my pocket.

Fiverr, let’s just skip that one.

It’s hard to say without more details you can purchase hight quality theme that can be customized as one option.

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When it comes to design, it really is a case of you get what you pay for imo.

I would look for newer design agencies in your area and see if you can get a good deal out of them - companies starting up will want to get portfolio pieces up quickly so they might be willing to work with you at a discounted rate.

Other than that, like what Andre has said - look at templates/themes and pay someone to modify them. (Though I’d still argue that good custom design is priceless in most cases.)