A Covid19 Dashboard build with LiveView

Started this to learn about LiveView. The idea was to pull Covid19 data from the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) repository and display with Phoenix LiveView. Learned a lot in the process and recently used Surface, which was a breeze. Thought I’d like to share it.

Some screenshots-

This is a work in progress and will add more things to it soon. Any feedback/suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:


This is incredible work. Thanks for sharing!

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Looks amazing. Maybe you could host it somewhere?

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I was thinking about it too. But there are some known issue I wanted to take care of before hosting this.

  1. Data fetching and massaging modules did not get much love and I was thinking about fixing them a little before hosting. There are some very wrong spikes in places.
  2. The over the wire data size could shed some KBs. It used to be 1500Kb, now its ~500Kb and I can take 200Kb off by lifting some hook data-* up one level.

My intention was to create a discardable toy product to learn about LiveView but I got too carried away after the pleasant learning curve and developer UX if LV and Surface.


Also, welcome to ElixirForum :slight_smile:


I was struggling a little bit with how to get Surface properly implemented in my project, and just by looking at your code a bunch of things clicked. Many many thanks for publishing this code!


Thank YOU for reading the code :slight_smile: … I’m glad it helped you.

Surface is amazing- can’t praise it enough. I converted the components to Surface last weekend; the whole process took 2 days. I learned a lot in the process (through the usual first timer’s struggle). I am currently working on a larger project which I am for the most part, using Surface. I intend to write about it and also make 90% of it open source. This dashboard was like a proof of concept for me to see how can my mind scale to LV way. Proved to be exceptionally good so y’all be seeing more of me :slight_smile:


Also interested by Surface but it lacks (for the moment, I guess) examples of real and complete applications. So thanks for this one ! :+1:

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Here is a demo I gave on ElixirTo on this, it was before I used surface and was just getting my hands dirty with LV beyond “hello world” so it’s missing a lot of code the repository contains.