A dashboard for "business-level" metrics?

I am super-curious how folks are exposing basic business-level metrics in their Phoenix services (# of users, daily trends, that kind of thing, as opposed to ephemeral telemetry)?

Prometheus/Grafana? Looker? Adding custom phoenix_live_dashboard pages somehow? Rolling your own /metrics page? Running SELECT COUNT(*) by hand and copying the numbers to a whiteboard? ; )

I am super-curious about your experience / thoughts on this.
Thank you!

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I found this blog post about adding custom page to phoenix live dashboard.

I am also curious how others are exposing metrics.

I was planning on using every method possible.


LiveBook is going to have that soon btw, Jose Valim mentioned somewhere that you can host LiveBook like a business analytics page soon.

So you won’t see code cell, rather results of metrics and stuff you exposed after running said code cells!!