A free 13 video course on Ecto, for beginners (Alchemist Camp)

I’ve finished writing up the show notes for my free 13 screencast series “Ecto Beginner”! :partying_face:

You’ll see them with notes at the top of the Episodes list on Alchemist Camp. Start at “Ecto Overview: The Repo” and work your way up.

Or watch them on YouTube in a playlist.


Thanks for sharing this series for free with us :slight_smile:

I am already starting with it and taking videos notes:

Your series comes just in the right time I am back to my Video Notes pet project, just to realize that I lost almost all my basic Ecto knowledge acquired a long time ago, from also following along some of your videos.


Now I feel like I should have spent less time building tutorials and more time creating features like this! :rofl:

Seriously, I think it’s great you’re shipping it so early. So many of us read Programming Phoenix, wrote the very beginnings of something like this and then just moved on to other stuff.

I just signed up and grabbed my favorite handle.


Thank you so much for sharing this with the community. I will repay this forward by releasing my first Elixir Nx course in a similar manner.


Yes, it’s developed from the Programming Phoenix book, but from the first one, as I say here:

I had it in localhost since 2018, and not developing it more as I planned initially, thus I decided to put it online to collect feedback from my closest friends, but now with such great feedback I even got more excited to continue working on it :slight_smile:

Oh man, that means a lot to me after all you praised :smiley: