A good book for learning Phoenix?

Hello all,

I am still learning Elixir, then go into Phoenix, i am try search in google but find the programming phoenix 1.4, another for 1.7 or latest still no where…

please perhaps another Member here could give me the e book reference.


Hi @ariandanim,

If you already have experience with Ruby and Rails then you could try my online book Phoenix on Rails.

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Most of the Phoenix books I know of cover v1.4, such as the following:

If you like video courses, you can try the @PJUllrich’s Build an MVP with Elixir or @geo’s https://builditwithphoenix.com.


Books and other resources are also listed here: Community — Phoenix v1.7.10


Whilst it’s not a book, the Phoenix documentation is pretty good and includes some overviews and guides: Overview — Phoenix v1.7.10


Don’t forget to look in our books section :023:

This one was recently updated:


1. Read Programming Phoenix 1.4

I still recommend Programming Phoenix 1.4 which you have mentioned.

The reason is the core of Phoenix doesn’t change a lot. Most of what you learned in this book is still applicable. And, it explains the design of Phoenix, such as:

  • most things are plugs

You can use version manager(such as asdf or nix) to install old version of Erlang and Elixir. Then, read this book.

2. Read the latest guides of Phoenix

After you have read above book, you can read latest Phoenix guides which refreshes the the nuanced differences between different Phoenix versions.

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