A Library for Homemade Analytics with Elixir and Ecto

I recently read the wonderful article Homemade Analytics with Elixir and Ecto by @josevalim and decided on using the described approach in a couple of my projects. I didn’t want to copy&paste the code into every project and decided on creating a library instead.

Disclaimer: I absolutely do not want to take credit for José’s code, so I tried to reference his blog article everywhere I could. This library is simply meant as a helper for using his code in your project.


GitHub: https://github.com/PJUllrich/analytics_ex
Hex: https://hexdocs.pm/analytics_ex/api-reference.html

A library tracking how many visitors a Phoenix-based application receives per day without collecting any data from the user. It encapsulates the Homemade Analytics code of José Valim and simply counts the page-requests per path per day. The collected data is stored in a configurable Ecto-repository.

I hope that you find this helpful. My next steps will be to create a nice UI for the collected data. Feel free to help and contribute :slight_smile:


Awesome work!

After I announced the blog post, I learned about Plausible.io, which is an open source analytics focused on privacy that is written in Elixir. We are using them since then and we are very happy with it, so I definitely recommend them.

So between analytics_ex and plausible, it seems we are well served in the analytics area. :slight_smile: