A typing tutor that lets you retype files from repositories on GitHub

Last year I had this idea to stop practicing touch typing with gibberish and start
using repositories from GitHub as the source of the text I have to type. (for ex. Phoenix, Elixir)

I wrote a small script to do exactly that.
1: You configure a GitHub repo.
2: It starts randomly showing you files, you select a file and start typing.

This way you can practice touch typing with the best quality code out there in topics you are interested in.
I think a webpage where you can select a GitHub repository and start typing in the browser would be great.
What do you think about the core idea?

(The code I’m using is on my GitHub but it’s just a hastily written Ruby script. https://github.com/preciz/tct


It’s a very cool idea. I wonder if the order in which code finishes on a page is necessarily the best order for inputting it. With that in mind, one idea for your typing tutor could be to allow the typist to input code irrespective of order. So, in one way of doing this, it’d be OK to input line 23 before line 12, with the goal of allowing the typist to think conceptually about the code while typing it in.


Might want to check out Speedcoder

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