Aadya - CoAP IoT Framework Beta Release


We are pleased to release Aadya-beta . The CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) framework build on top of Elixir and Erlang ecosystem. CoAP is a binary protocol intended for IoT devices for lower payload.

Aadya is pretty similar to MVC style frameworks like Phoenix or ROR.

We took our time to release this framework. We took care of building an ecosystem around Aadya framework from logging to debugging using existing tools.

We got references from Petr Gotthard project gen_coap

We welcome the community to assist this project in the right direction.

Thank you.


Huh, looks quite useful! I’ve not ran across CoAP yet, quite interesting.

Thank you. :bouquet:
We welcome you to assist the project in the right direction.

Super interesting. What is the advantage over say a Phoenix CoAP transport?