About Context and cross-context

Hey guys,

I have a question: how that will bite me in the a-hole eventually?


Imagine I have a couple of Contexts, say Orders and Products.
Orders will have Orders, LineItems and Products.
Products will have Products.
LineItems will have some information from Products.

In some hypothetical admin dashboard, you have a section where you crud Products.
There is another dashboard where you create Orders with their respective a LineItems. The information in LineItems comes from Orders’s Products

As you can see, I’m w.e.t.-ting the two Contexts. The schema, for example, in Orders’s Products is only for consultation, no modification. And I think you can follow my train of thought.

To me, that approach seems fine. There are a few things extra to do and that’s fine to me. I have no idea why my brain cannot marry the use of just one Product and use it across Context. It sounds stupid what I’m saying, I agree, but I sometimes prefer to follow my brain decision and see where it gets me. Most of the time, future-me totally hate past-me for making such decisions. I’m fine with self-hatred, though.

So, if I made myself clear, I ask the question again: how that will bite me in the a-hole eventually?