About LiveView Demo Project on Github

Hi everybody,

I wanted to play a little with Phoenix LiveView.
And I tried the “official” Demo Project on Github…

First I noticed that there are many parts that are actually broken.
The /pacman example doesn’t seem to work (nothing happen upon key presses)
The /snakeexample don’t event load on the browser while nothing seems to happen on the server (there is even nothing in the logs but something’s definitely crashing)

Then, I wanted to find some details about the events supported by LiveView.
For example, there are phx-change, phx-submit, phx-click, phx-keydown etc…
But I don’t find any ressource about all the events available, and also e.g. for the keydown an keyup what are all the keycode available?

I think that LiveView is a huge game-changer and I’m aware of it being relatively new.

Does anyone have more knowledge about where to find more details?

I might be voluntary to try to document some parts once I’d practice enough…

Thank you very much!

Hi @Sanjibukai,

that can very well be correct. The rate of progress made in the Phoenix LiveView project is quite astonishing and it might very well be that the examples always lack a bit behind the current state of the actual library. If you want to learn about the current state of the project, I recommend reading the documentation in the phoenix_live_view.ex file or the official docs


The breaking changes that affected Pacman and Snake examples were quite small. You can find the changes in this PR.

Besides the docs suggested above by @PJUllrich, I also find the CHANGELOG extremely helpful to keep tabs on how things are evolving.


Indeed there is a part here about the bindings

I used to use the search bar in hexdocs and I searched for phx-keydown while it became phx-window-keydown (as also mentioned by @sfusato) and since I didn’t get any results I was wondering where those parts could have been documented.


I was able to figure out those changes when comparing with other examples.

Good thing for the PR.

And nice idea to look in the change logs since it’s still evolving…