Absinthe GraphQL User Survey

Hello everyone! Bruce and I would like to do our very first ever Community Survey to learn more about who’s using Absinthe, how they’re using it, what we’re doing right, and how we can improve.

All questions are optional, it’s anonymous (unless you want to provide contact info for a couple questions), and we’ll make stats public sometime around ElixirConf. If you have a few minutes, can you give it a look? Thanks!


Done! I do have a meta-note that I left on the survey itself. One of the questions asks for your favorite way to receive support, and tells you to respond 5 for least favorite, and 1 for most favorite. I would’ve expected it to keep a similar scale as the previous questions where it would be 5 for most favorite and 1 for least favorite.

Keep up the good work! Absinthe is quite fun to use although I’m only using it on a hobby project so far.

Thanks; that’s a good catch. I’ve added an additional note above that will hopefully help a bit (pretty sure I can’t invert the scale now that we have responses).

Your question on seeing a talk is missing an option for “I’ve given a talk…” :slight_smile: