Absinthe & Live Queries

Hi All,

I know “live query” is a buzz word, which is perhaps more vapourware than anything else.

But I am looking into it, here is my use case:

We have a front end data filter. On the back end I have a trigger, when fires when Kafka has consumed some data.

I expect a “live query” is like a subscription, which is updated by changes to the filter on the front end.

A changeable subscription as it were…

It this possible? It’s certainly hackable, but rather not hack too much…

Anyone else have experience with this? Perhaps there’s something simple I am overlooking… (maybe include a trigger which updates a subscription’s current state?)

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GraphQL, and by way of implementing it - Absinthe, has a first-rate feature, called a “subscription” which does what you are asking about.





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