Absinthe Result List with Partial Errors

What should I return if I have a resolver that should return, say, a list of users -

  • but the some of the users in the list may not be valid?

(e.g. the data from the DB does not pass whatever validation rules we have set up)

I should know this… But I cannot think of the solution : )

If even a single invalid user is unacceptable (I imagine it should not ever be acceptable) then simply return {:error, list_of_invalid_user_changesets} from your resolver.

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Good pt.

But, I am sure there is a better fitting ans…

I mean I can return a partially failed Map with errors, I am sure I should be able to do so with a list…

In that case:

{:ok, %{
  succeeded_users: [... list of User structs...],
  failed_users: [...list of changesets or traversed errors...]

However then the burden on processing both falls to your frontend.

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