Access changeset form data in HTML w/o input component?

How do I access changeset data in my HTML, passed in via form: to_form(changeset), when not using a Phoenix input component? Am I really supposed to do this:

<p><%= @form[:foo].value %></p>

Or am I missing something?

Yes. That’s how you get access to the value of the input. It’s not clear if that’s what you’re looking for though.

I have a Changeset it becomes a Form via to_form which is passed into the template as @form. For input components I can just use <input field={f[:foo]} ...> where f comes from <.form :let={f} for={@form}.... But if I just want to see the (changed) data in a read-only way what do I use? If I were just passing in the struct/data (not the changeset via a form), I’d use <%= %>, or course.

Another thing I just noticed trying to use .value, embeds end-up with strings for keys not symbols. So now I have to switch all my my dot syntax to brackets. So what was once is now @form[:foo].value["bar"]. This just seems goofy.