Access phoenix.js from Chrome devtools

I’m working through Function Web Development with Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix which is a really eye-opening, fantastic book.

Of course, it’s a little out of date. It was written when Brunch was still bundled with Phoenix but now we have Webpack, so when instructed to type var phoenix = require("phoenix") in dev tools, that just doesn’t work.

I’ve searched for importing webpacked modules in dev tools to no avail. Perhaps I’m just tired—I’ve been working at this for hours now—but is there a way to access phoenix.js in Chrome’s dev tools in 1.5?


To access something from the devtools, it needs to be globally accessible
One way of doing it is by assigning it to the window object, for example:

import phoenix from "phoenix";
window["phoenix"] = phoenix;

Then in the devtools you can now access it as phoenix. It should work regardless of the build tool you’re using.

Generally, importing a library with a script tag pointing to the file(like works too, but I don’t know if it does for phoenix too

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Thank you!! So far so good. It seems quite a bit has changed since this book but that’s cool—not so bad to do some trouble-shooting on my own. But even after spending 80% of my time in JS for the past year+ (the team I’m on makes it all worth it), I always get stressed out anytime I have to do anything that requires me to understand webpack. I should maybe get over that… maybe.

Anyway, thanks again!

@lance Sorry for @'ing you but I’m relatively new here and thought I’d see if you’re on this form and sure enough you are. Are there any plans for a new edition for phoenix 1.5? It’s such a good book.

Hey @sodapopcan,


No worries about @'ing me. :slight_smile: I’m so glad you found the book useful. It’s always great to hear when your work has helped other folks!

I don’t have immediate plans for a second edition, though the thought has crossed my mind. Books are a big undertaking, and I would want to make sure I’ve got the spare cycles to complete the job before I took it on.

For now, let’s just say the idea is simmering rather than at a full boil. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the response! (I have been offline for several days here)

Cheers :slight_smile: