Accessing LiveView assign that may not exist

Trying out my first Phoenix.Component with LiveView 0.16.1. I’ve run into an issue that’s not insurmountable but I’m wondering if there’s a better way that I’m missing.

Is there a way to access an assign that might or might not exist? In a regular map, obviously you could do Map.get(map, key), and it would return nil if the map has no such key. This does not work in an HEEX template: Map.get(@socket.assigns, :foo) is always nil because @socket.assigns is always %Phoenix.LiveView.Socket.AssignsNotInSocket{} during render.

I want to send the value of @foo as a Phoenix.Component attribute, but if it hasn’t been explicitly assigned, it raises. I can overcome this by assigning @foo to nil in each view where it is not otherwise assigned, but it seems like either I’m missing something or there’s a need for a function such as Phoenix.LiveView.maybe_get_assign(key, default_value \ nil) to access assigns that may or may not be set.

Default them on mount to nil so they are always available

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