Add stripe for payment in Phoenix site

Hello everyone, I would like to add stripe in my project to make payments,

Could someone help me please?

Thanks! :smiley:

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Hi! The first thing to check is not related to Elixir. Is Stripe available in your country?

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Yes, i can use stripe in my country

You can try this one. This old to this industry standards but perhaps it helps you enough to fork it and readapt it to your needs (and to release to the community :slight_smile: )

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I believe GitHub - beam-community/stripity_stripe: An Elixir Library for Stripe is a better choice if someone wants to make a relatively low-level / custom integration.

From my experience, I think it’s most convenient to use the tools and services already provided by Stripe, such as: Stripe Checkout | Stripe-Dokumentation or Kundenportal integrieren | Stripe-Dokumentation

It really depends on the type of your project, so if you could provide more information, we can be more helpful.

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I recently integrated Stripe on an application I’m working on and Stripity Stripe was pretty straightforward to use and had all we needed.
Even if you’re using Stripe checkout (which I also recommend) you can easily create the session with Stripity Stripe.

To OP: your question is to vague. What exactly you need help with on the integration?

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I don’t know how to use stripe in elixir

There might be some clues here: Setup Stripe with Phoenix LiveView - Tutorials and screencasts for Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView (Note that I have never tried it myself)

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this doc is not complete, I have tried this but it’s doesn’t work

Try this one.

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Thank you everybody, I’ve change the paiment mode