Adding Ash/AshPostgres to a project already in production

Has anyone had the experience of adding Ash to a project that’s already in production?

I’m trying to figure out what all you would do, are there any gotchas to moving to AshPostgres etc. to an already existing deploy.

We have a huge project and we just built a new feature using Ash.

It extends an existing feature so we already have contexts, schemas and database tables and didn’t need its migrations.

All we needed to do was update the Repo to use AshPostgres.Repo, otp_app: :<app> .

We did have to create a bunch of modules duplicating what we already have with Ecto schemas and decided to keep it under a new namespace. Once we got the data modeled as Ash wants, everything just clicked together.

“Sharing” the Repo was not an issue.


Thanks, this is excellent info!