Adding suffix to form input without javascript?

how do you add a suffix to input, something like this:

<%= text_input f, hidden_value_suffix=“url:” %>

Looking fast online, you can do this with CSS. The text_input is just a helper and should accept anything an HTML input can accept.

This can also be accomplished with just html as well. but you would need to play with padding/margins/position/borders

thanks but I want to add a suffix to the input value that is sent on form submission

In this case you can setup a change_event like so:

<%= text_input f, phx_change: "url_changed", phx-value-suffix="url:" %>

Can look at binding docs for phx_change
And you can also look at Form Event docs example, look for email_changed. From there you can have some logic to prepend the suffix if it is not there.

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this works for live view, though you may want to do it with phx-submit on the form so you are not mutating user input as they are typing, but only once on form submission

you could also make a case to put this at a different layer other than the interface, such as a context function if it’s a business rule. that would also make it agnostic to whether it’s a live view or regular view

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