Advanced Elixir and OTP (Self-published / Packt)

Hello everyone,

I just find a new course that might interest some people. It was just published a few days ago.

I am not related in any way to packt publishing, nor I want to spam the forum. But the offer is now available for less than 5 Euros (96% reduction). Take a look if You are interested :slight_smile:

Merry christmas and happy new year.


The author also has an older course called Getting Started with Elixir:


If anyone gets this course can you please let us know what you think of it? Does it cover any topics not already covered in any of the books? Does the author talk about methodologies and/or how they go about building software in Elixir? Is the course easy to follow?

Plus anything else you think is worth mentioning. Thanks :slight_smile:


Alright, here goes. I thought I couldn’t go wrong for €5,20 - so I bought the package.

The average video has a length of 4-5 minutes, which is OK for courses, but not if you only have 19 videos with at least a minute of introduction for every video. Very few examples are given with little edge cases, best practices or important considerations.

Having that said, OTP is covered - it’s basically what’s on the elixir-lang website. But less. Making a card deck shuffler is not what I would’ve expected from a course that is advertising “illustrative examples to build scalable applications”.
I didn’t mention monitoring is not covered, despite that being mentioned in the pitch as well.

In short: not even worthy of the title ‘beginner course’ given how little content it has. It could somewhat be expected given the price. If it shoots up to its full price (a staggering €144) one could be glad if this post was read prior to clicking the ‘order’ button.


Thanks for the review @WuhKuh - I’m beginning to think Packt is a little like Udemy, where they are essentially a platform for those who want to sell their ‘self-published’ content (i.e. not professionally edited in the same sense that books and material is edited at top tech publishers such as PragProg and Manning).

I wonder if we need to reflect this in the title, or perhaps have a single thread for "Courses on Packt’ or ‘Courses on Udemy’ etc (as there seems to be quite a few of them)…

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I’ll second what @WuhKuh said: It’s very bare bones and everything is super short. I suspected it would be because I checked out the same publisher’s videos on Redis and I thought they were extremely short and even less informative than the docs pages for Redis. It’s much the same in this example, to be honest. The very low price was oddly fitting for this series.