Advent of Code 2020

Does anyone know of a team or group of people doing the 2020 Advent of Code in Elixir? I haven’t seen much discussion this year…or I hang out in all the wrong places.


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You can follow all Advent of Code threads vis the #advent-of-code tag :023:

If you are the first to post your solutions for a day, please start a new thread with the format: Advent of Code 2020 - Day 1 where 1 is whatever day you are posting and please post it in the #learning-questions-discussions:coding-challenges section along with the advent-of-code tag :smiley:

Based on I’m assuming there will be one post a day for discussion here

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After beeing back and forth with the AoC idea for this year, I decided to not do it in the morning when I get up, nor during the coffeebreak in the company. In the last year I have seen, that both time slots are fine during the beginning, though get rather short (even combined) after a week or so.

Therefore I’ll skip them until late evening (Europe), therefore I won’t look into AoC titled posts before I solved the days puzzle.

Where are these puzzles/challenges being posted?

UPDATE: Never mind, I found it:

If anyone needs a boilerplate, feel free to grab:

It was made originally by @NobbZ

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Btw, leaderboard from last year still works:

You can join it by following this link and entering the following code:



I’m wondering if there’s a more effective way to run this rather than “here’s mine” walls of code and links to source code. I’ve been trying to get key takeaways from people’s solutions and look out for any insights I hadn’t considered, but it’s difficult to have a discussion when the thread is mostly a chain of code dumps without any regard to the previous discussion.

I guess everyone wants to share their code though. Maybe two threads for each day would be useful - one for code dumps, the other only for discussion with relevant snippets if necessary? :thinking: