Advent of Code - Day 13

Note: This topic is to talk about Day 13 of the Advent of Code.

For general discussion about the Advent of Code 2018 and links to topics of the other days, see this topic.

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I found today’s task somewhat tedious. I lost some time because I didn’t cover the case where the cars crash in the middle of the tick, so I got wrong results. Anyway, my solution is here.

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I need to do some serious refactoring and tidying up and I’ve only completed part 1 so far but my solution is here.

Part 2 should be pretty simple to solve but my guess about it involving tracking the number of ticks was wrong so I can also tidy my code up because of that a bit too.

My biggest gotcha was in that I copied and pasted my file reading code from a previous day and was trimming it so my grid was all out of alignment. :tired_face:

I’ll add the part two solution tomorrow morning.

My solution to Day 13:

You can watch me create it in this video (for the next 14 days):

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My solution to Day 13. I struggled with collision detection for a long time. Here is the cleaned up version of my code.


I struggled with this one. It was also a pain in the ass to debug what was wrong with the state I was building at each tick. I wish they gave more test cases to cover rather than the default one as that one was passing.

My solution is here.

Laborious but interesting!

It wasn’t and I ended up also retro-fitting the part 2 solution to handle part 1 too. However the updated code can all be found here.