Advent Of Code libraries and frameworks


I just extracted the boilerplate management code that I used to work with in previous years:

It is yet another generic input downloader (with cache), solution module generator, test generator, and commands to work with any year/day combination, promoting TDD practices.

If you have your own boilerplate or helper code, post it below, people may be interested.

Happy coding!


If found this one too that looks pretty nice:


I just use kino_aoc in my livebook.

Here’s the link: GitHub - ljgago/kino_aoc: A helper for Advent of Code (a smart cell) for Elixir Livebook


I decided to roll my own AoC framework/helper this year but started a day too late. I’m still trying to polish it up but pleased with it so far. I’ll try to remember to post it here once it’s done. I’m curious about how people feel about configuration for this sort of tool. I’m setting it up for myself so it’s getting the session cookie from a hard coded ENV variable and the default paths are non-configurable (though passing non-default paths is available at runtime). Is this how most people do it or would it be better to have config options setup for everything?

Well a variable or two for path prefixes with sane defaults are not hard to setup.

But few people will use our tools, maybe nobody will ; there is no need for fully configurable stuff here, it’s not like a genral purpose application framework.

I do some of the days in Rust and I use a boilerplate, I don’t really care where the files are, I just do what the README tells me because I just want to solve the problems. The “app” does not need to be deployed somewhere, it just needs to compile and be called from the console.