:after_render hook is not working on LiveComponent

Documentation states:

Note: only :after_render hooks are currently supported in LiveComponents.

But the code below doesn’t output anything after the component is rendered. What am I doing wrong?

  def mount(_params, _session, socket) do
    socket =
      attach_hook(socket, :after_render_hook, :after_render, fn
        evt, params, socket ->

    {:ok, socket}

Hey @borisgoro the mount/3 function you show doesn’t look like the mount function for a live component, it looks like one for a live view. LiveComponent mount functions are single arity. If you change it to mount(socket) what do you get?

Can you show your whole module?

Ha yes, thank you! I copy/pasted the code from attach_hook/4 documentation and didn’t notice it was for a LiveView. All working fine now. Thanks again!