AI Code Completion Plugin called Tab Nine

I came across a plugin that uses an AI that has been pointed towards Github to do code completion. It is a single plugin that works for any language and is both free for now and in beta. Since I am so new to programming I don’t have an opinion about how well it works but I do think it is an interesting idea and thought I would share it here as well as the slack channel.
There are plugins for most of the popular editors.

TabNine has been great from my experience and I’m on the free version. It can provide autocompletion that no other tool can.

IIRC TabNine is online tool, which mean it is big no-go for me. I cannot allow for my code to be sent to untrusted 3rd party that I cannot even check in which jurisdiction it is. I work on data that is GDPR protected and I cannot find any information about their guarantees about privacy and/or how they are supervised/certified.