Ai_ex - convenience package to install Bumblebee, Nx, Explorer, Scholar, Image, Torch, Tensorflow

I was driving through the city of San Francisco and saw a billboard npm -i ai and it inspired me to make a convenience package for the Elixir AI ecosystem.

So, here it is. ai_ex | Hex

Its simply a convenience to install various packages in the dynamic and growing AI, ML etc Elixir ecosystem.

How did you envision this to work?
I’m not familiar with npm -i ai but I’m curious about this

looking at the Vercel Next.JS node package it looks like marketing as software

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I have some ideas about further development in this line, I’ll do some more prototyping and post here

fwiw, I stubbed out Phoenix Liveview chat components and also functions to send questions and receive answers from a similar list of AI platforms.

getting those various platform formats to work from a unified AI meta functions set and hosting it on or somewhere would take it to parity

afaik Vercel does a huge amount of open source work in Next JS to promote their hosting business

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