Alchemist Camp Screencasts

This week i discovered Alchemist Camp youtube channel. Really good resource for elixir world. It deserves a forum topic

I think channel belongs to @AlchemistCamp


Thank you so much dokuzbir!

I’ve only been making the videos for seven weeks, but I really enjoy Elixir and hope to help spread it to a wider audience. I’m not any sort of expert, just a mid-career English teacher-turned JS dev.

After a few years of nothing but Backbone/React/Node, using Elixir is an adventure!


I really like your channel. Especially buiding website with cowboy. Your screencasts are longer than 20 minutes that is why i like more as an unexperienced programmer. Never cut or speed up your videos. They are really informative. I wait for more phoenix videos.


Your form inputs for lists video is really good. Spesific topic videos are better than long general site building vidoes. Can you dive in ecto next videos(jsonb, custom ecto types etc…)?

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This is useful feedback! I’m ranking submissions based on the results from the survey I shared. Right now, Ecto is fairly high up on the list, along with OTP, Phoenix and larger projects.

I’m going to keep making series of longer videos for side projects once every 1-3 months for people who want to see the whole projects throughout their iterative design and debugging. The “building of AC” playlist will also continue mostly for transparency and for my own record.

Since you and a couple of others have requested it, I’ll make an effort to make most of the other videos focus around a single goal, like the forms video was. The first two types of videos have their own playlists… and it would probably a good to make one for single topic ones too.


Hi Good to see you here. I regularly follow your channel. You have been doing a really great job. Because projects related to phoenix are rarely available and which are available are mostly use phoenix 1.2.

Can you make please make an app using phoenix channels and then add other functionalities bit by bit like a stat watch project.


A better approach, you can split title of building statwatch with topics. Currently you call them part 1, part 2… hard to find and remember which topics you recorded in videos. I remember you recorded a video ecto put_assoc but yesterday i couldnt find that video because hard to remember which part of building statwatch.
My english is poor I told never cut or speed of videos before maybe you miss understood me. Because in some screencasts they speed up like 2x and they cut error scenes. And they create fast 5 minute videos. I dont like that style videos. I like daily programing style videos, errors etc… as you do

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Sorry to say this, but I find the subscription price quite high for the current video frequency.
For $18, I expect a video at least every second day, and not like every second week.

I liked the beginning of the Phoenix 1.4 chat series and wanted to see the last 2 parts too, but not for that price.

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I understand there’s a wide range in terms of what price level and how many paid resources make sense for different people.

It’s not a full-time endeavor for me. Even living in a low cost country, there’s no way I can both feed myself and make and edit a video every other day at this stage. Hopefully as the audience and the backlog of screencasts grows, that will change next year.

I offer steep discounts to those in the developing world and I have produced a LOT of free videos on YouTube over the past 15 months. Maybe some of those can be of use for you.