ALF - Flow-based Application Layer Framework

Hey colleagues!
I’ve returned to work on Flow-based programming in Elixir recently.
My new project is very ambitiously called ALF - Application Layer Framework :).
The core functionality is ready and I’m gradually promoting it. Please check it here GitHub - antonmi/ALF: Flow-based Application Layer Framework
There is also an introductory article in Medium
ALF — Flow-based Application Layer Framework | by Anton Mishchuk | Dec, 2021 | Medium


Exactly what I needed :smiley:

Minor nitpick: It would be awesome to have an “error handling stage”. If a stage function throws an error, it would be nice to catch it somehow

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Hey @dmitriid !
I’m happy that you like it.
In ALF I decided to move error handling to the developer side.
When an error has occurred one will see a special %ALF.ErrorIP{} struct.
I’ll give you an example a bit later because I’ve found a bug related to that :).


@dmitriid See for example


Thank you! I’ll check it out!