Algorithm-driven design

Stumbled upon this article from Smashing Magazine, Algorithm-Driven Design: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Design. They seem to give a poor review of The Grid although the purpose of the article is not to review the individual services but to give an overview of the emerging technology.

I would love if some algorithms took care of the tedious tasks associated with managing a website. If I can give it some content and maybe just upvote/downvote different layouts I would be happy. But maybe the technology is not yet ready for it to be worth the money and trouble.

What’s your take?

Interesting! This looks sort of the inverse of AB-testing: Instead of testing small changes out on a large number of people and deciding that way what ‘is best’, a human gives very rough design ideas, and a computer decides how this will look in detail.

I think this will fall into the same trap as most other procedural content generators: Everything looks equally interesting, and thus probably bland overall (there is nothing setting your website apart from the other thousand that were made using this AI).

EDIT: I’ve now read through the article, and it seems that my concern is noted and deflected:

Surely, as in the case of The Grid, rejecting designers from the creative process leads to clichéd and mediocre results (even if it improves overall quality). However, if we consider this process more like “paired design” with a computer, then we can offload many routine tasks; for example, designers could create a moodboard on Dribbble or Pinterest, then an algorithm could quickly apply these styles to mockups and propose a suitable template. Designers would become art directors to their new apprentices, computers.

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