All of the Lights - Nerves, GrovePi, Phoenix, React-Native

I have a Nerves poncho project to control my living room lamp. The lamp is connected to a GrovePi relay switch which I spliced into an extension cord. The switch is connected to a RaspberryPi running Nerves & Phoenix. You turn the lamp on and off using Phoenix channels through a web browser. The project is called All of the Lights. I recently updated it to Nerves 1.0 :tada:

The project uses the grovepi library which allows you to use the GrovePi+ with Elixir.

I have also been learning React-Native lately, so I added a mobile app to connect to the RaspberryPi running Phoenix via channels.

The project has three folders:

It’s a fun little project people may be interested in checking out.



Nice work! Thanks for sharing! :rocket:


That looks like a fun project!