Almir Sarajčić - Senior fullstack developer - looking for remote Elixir contract

Hey everyone, I’m looking for some contract work.

I am a full-stack software developer working in the industry since 2012. I’m used to working both in teams and as a solo developer. I’m interested in learning new technologies, concepts, and business domains as well as managing development teams. Started the programming path as a hobby during the mid-2000s primarily using PHP along with Javascript, then Ruby on Rails. Now I’m fully focused on software development using Elixir, PostgreSQL, Phoenix, and related technologies.

I can help you with:
:building_construction: building PoC and MVP apps
:man_factory_worker: refactoring old codebases
:technologist: facilitating the developer onboarding experience
:chart_with_upwards_trend: improving software development workflows and practices
:rocket: deploying Elixir apps to, AWS, and Google Cloud
:hammer_and_wrench: setting up CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions

Here’s my GitHub profile: almirsarajcic (Almir Sarajčić) · GitHub.

I am also the manager of Optimum BH. This software development company specializes in full-stack development using Elixir, Phoenix, Phoenix LiveView, PostgreSQL, and Javascript, but we also have experience creating APIs. We write high-quality code in a test-driven manner, have experience setting up continuous integration (CI) using GitHub Actions, deploying Elixir applications to various hosting providers, etc. We are a one-stop shop for everything Elixir-related. We have 2 junior-to-mid developers available to work. Here’s our GitHub profile: Optimum · GitHub.

If you need help on your project from me or my team, send me an email at