Alternative package for `anubis`

Hi there,

I found the package Anubis on, its interface seems very clean and concise, but it has set elixir: "~> 1.0.0" in it mix.exs. Since I am using Elixir 1.2.3, I get a warning about that version mismatch. Also the sourcecode hasn’t been touched during the last 2 years (according to github).

So does anyone know about a package that is similar but more alive?

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Fork and hack :smile:


Thats my plan, but for reasons of available time only a last ressort :wink:


Did a quick fork and rebrand. I hope, I do not loose track of it :wink: Anaway, my fork is known and available as ra.


I just saw this package come up in an elixir article and hadn’t heard of it before. It doesn’t seem to have a ton of usage yet, but it looks like a solid approach for CLI interfaces.

Any opinions / experience here?