Alternative to Alpine that works with Pheonix 1.6 LiveView

There is no official docs for including Alpine with Phoenix and after 12 hours or more I am still not able to run it without problems in LiveView in Phoenix 1.6.

For some reason I am not able to make it work and it works as marketed ony in non live view mode in PHX16.

Therefore I am looking for an alternative to Alpine. Bonus points for including the way how to install it in PHX16 preferably using the similar approach as the topbar.js in the vendor folder and not using npm which is not an option in my case.

Thanks in advance.

There are also no official guides for the other 432459873 (and counting) javascript frameworks out there.
Until now, maybe you volunteer to write them.

It is the third thread today from you on this issue. It is not like people were not helping you; however, if your requirement is unique, being louder does not help.

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Not counting the cross-posts on SO.