Alternative to StatsD or how to do Application Event Tracking

Hey Guys,

What’s the alternative to StatsD?

I saw that it can be used to record statistics, like channel join or whatever comes to mind. However, since it’s written in Nodejs, I don’t want to use it.

I thought adding PromEx would be enough, but I don’t know how to modify it, to record our custom stuffs.

Like how do increment a count, showing how many users are currently connected live in a dashboard?

Also how to do product metrics, like how many joined, new sign ups, etc?

It seems, :telemetry does the same things, but better. (Telemetry — PromEx v1.7.1)

I have so much to learn!! :sweat_smile: (Telemetrics Reporter).

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Telemetry was introduced to BEAM languages as a unified way to handle telemetry events from applications/libraries. If you take a look at good libraries (phoenix, ecto), all of them use telemetry to dispatch events from the system.

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