Alternatives to Google Analytics using Telemetry?

The live dashboard and telemetry work that I’ve seen has me wondering…do we need client side analytics tools anymore? Is it possible to capture everything that we need to capture, just using what’s built in?

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Yes, because the data gathered by Telemetry and GA is completely different.

Some of data is possible to gather, but not all of it.

Also livedashboard doesn‘t yet persist any of its data besides in your open browser. Analytics is something you‘d do for the past way more than for (just) right now.

Admittedly, I have not dived in but I thought I’d read that telemetry data was supposed to be able to be piped out to other data stores.

That’s what really got me wondering.

Telemetry data is, but livedashboard doesn‘t work with data stored in external stores. It works with the live telemetry metrics.

People do recommend but I am not sure if this is what you are asking for.

As for tech for capturing analytics that’s sadly quite prevalent today and a JS-enabled browser can spill a lot of beans. But there are tools who only utilise server-side data gathering.

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