Amazon Merchant/Pay integration?

Does anyone have experience integrating with Amazon Marketplace Web Service (or Amazon Merchant or Amazon Pay)?

For starters, it’s name-soup with all of the Amazon services, so finding relevant documentation is quite a challenge.

I’m trying to find examples of how to do two things, ideally from Elixir (but at this point I would consider C64 Basic if I could find a relevant working example!)

  1. Generate an Amazon Pay button programmatically (which requires getting a signature for the parameters that will go into the html button/script)

  2. Query the Amazon Merchant account to get lists of orders.

Any guidance would be highly appreciated.

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I do not have any experiences with thos services, but at least documentation was easy to find:

If there is anything missing, you should complain at amazon.

Also it seems as if a customer forum is linked from every single sub-page, as well as it seems as if there were examples in various languages

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Yes, there is quite a lot of documentation. However, I haven’t yet found something that starts at a high level and then goes into full detail for each step in the common processes. That’s why I’m hoping to find someone who has already been through this.

Perhaps people with AWS integration experience would find their documentation satisfactory, but as a newcomer I find it has many gaps and inconsistent levels of detail. Perhaps when I get through the 50 tabs of different Amazon docs I have open, it will make more sense. On the other hand, someone who has already suffered this steep initial curve might have written a useful guide. Unfortunately though, searches involving Amazon have to compete with the immense amount of retail/product related results that are related to Amazon.

I have found their documentation to be awful as well.

They have a ‘Contact Amazon MWS (Seller Login Required)’ link - I would definitely contact them via that even if just to complain about how poor their docs and guides are :lol:

If you happen to find a solution to this (and find nobody on the forum has any experience either) please update the thread to let us know.

And maybe make a library to wrap their API with the awful documentation. ^.^

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Yeah, wrapping HTTP APIs is usually simple, even when the docs are bad.

Last time I did it was a SOAP API for a payment system. They had a WSDL that no elixir library could parse, so I parsed it using python (the excelent zeep library), generated some dummy requests to understand the pattern and wrote a python program that generates an elixir module that sends compliant requests. It works now xD


Indeed, wrapping an API is fine - once you understand the API. I just am having a heck of I time following the Amazon MWS API(s). There are many different options and approaches they offer, and they offer in some cases nicely detailed examples.

However, there seems to be an enormous gap between the high level concepts and the details, such that knowing which of the many docs and guides that apply to a given situation is quite difficult. Sometimes too much information is worse than too little. I hate to use TodoMVC as an example, but if Amazon would make a complete example for each of their 2-3 primary approaches to MWS integration, that would make a world of difference.

My complaining here won’t solve it; I was just hoping someone else had done this before me.

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maybe I’m a slowpoke, but have a look at elixir-amazon-mws-client

But you need to constuct XML document for feed firstly, and push it to MWS then. Ping me with questions if any.
Any feedback is appreciated!

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Thanks much, but at this time I’m no longer doing transaction processing in
my Elixir app. I do appreciate the info though!

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