An end to end workflow on how to deploy a Live View application to K8s

Hey. I’ve written an article about how to create an end to end deployment for a live view application in Kubernetes. (Actually, this one GitHub - dwyl/phoenix-liveview-counter-tutorial: 🤯 beginners tutorial building a real time counter in Phoenix 1.7 + LiveView 0.18 ⚡️)

It has taken me some hours to be able to get it properly running, from the creation of the application with a release, fill in the necessary environment variables, create a public image and download it, testing all the steps, and I am using different tools for it in a Mac M1.

I thought it would be interesting to share it with all of you (so I can also find it when I need it in the future)

I hope you like it (suggestions and improvements are welcome)

You can find the article here:


Using Phoenix 1.7 with LiveView 0.18.

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Hey. I’ve updated the article with a second part in which I update the Phoenix Version, and publish it to a public K8s.

I hope it is useful.


I’ve been looking for something like this. Thank you :slight_smile: