An iOS / Android - Phoenix tutorial (WIP)

Native iOS and Android developer here. There’s nothing better than writing for the native platform.

Give me more information about what you want to build and I’ll create some tutorials for you.


That’s very kind of you Bryan!

I had actually been thinking of doing a native iOS app (as I quite fancy learning Swift) and then using something like Ionic for the Android version :icon_redface: but definitely interested in seeing what your tutorial for Android might be like as well :003: (though would be more than happy with just an iOS tut if that’s all you can find the time for).

The app is relatively simple and of a common theme - with two main components; geolocation based discovery of people nearby, and the ability to chat with them (and create groups which allow group chat too). It’s for a group that I run here locally that’s been getting bigger over the last few years.

It would need some kind of protection - either that all accounts must be ‘verified’ by an admin before they can view other people’s profiles or message other users, or a user setting that lets users set whether they can be contacted or their profile viewed by non-verified guests.

The initial set up/registration would be via phone number verification (so only one account per number - I guess use something like Twilio?) and the only other thing I can think of that might be different, is instead of showing a user’s exact location distance to others, we just show the range they’re within. So within 10 metres, within 100 metres, within 1KM etc

Is that enough info or would you like me to go into more detail? It’s a bit like a dating app but for friends/groups :lol:

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Maybe draw some screens of what you’re thinking about the UI looking like. Can just be pen and paper. Do you have API endpoints you can provide as well?

Android isn’t bad, in some ways it can be easier. Just make sure you use Kotlin. Kotlin is a fun language.

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BryanJBryce, I subscribe, looking forward to see your tutorials, native applications examples with connection to phoenix framework will be really interesting and useful.

@AstonJ, I couldn’t reply to the main thread. Looks like I’m late to the party. What about using Phoenix LiveView and then creating a PWA? That might be a good fit for your use case.

Edit: Wow, two years later! That’s really late.