Analytics dashboard for my Phoenix LiveView app -- pie charts, bar charts, etc -- what is the best library to use?

Apologies for asking such an open-ended question, but I’m just wondering what the best tools are for building a basic analytics dashboard with the basics – just a half dozen or so simple charts. So far I’ve come across PlotEx, but it seems to be focused on time-series data, which is not my use-case.

Also, I’d prefer something with a gentle learning curve – I found D3 a bit to mind-bending for me when I last looked at it a few years ago.

Hmm, seems like everything chart-related uses SVG and JavaScript. I guess Google Charts is the place to start.

You also have contex. It doesn’t require javascript (produces the SVG server side). Works nicely with LiveView too.


You have Context, Vegalite (thanks to the livebook team), or any chart library via hooks. PhoenixLivedashboard does it using uplot. I’ve used uplot, Apache E-Charts and VegaLite with success.