Andrew Haust, Toronto, ON, Canada - back on the job hunt

So the super risky job I took last year didn’t pan out. As with anything risky in life, it was both super fun and super stressful, but here I am back looking for a job (and saying “super” too much).

I’ve been told the job market is better than it was last year but that isn’t saying much. It’s terrible for Elixir so I’ve started to disengage from here and get back into Rails. It’s not so bad—Turbo is actually super nice and there are even things I like a bit better about it than LiveView (though the simplicity of LiveView’s DX is unmatched in anything I’ve seen). As much as I’m actually liking Rails 7, it would be nice to stay in Elixir-land if I can. I’m just posting here on the very off chance someone has, like, a secret job they forgot about or something :upside_down_face:

My skills are a bit niche for this day-in-age, though very suitable to LiveView: I’m very proficient at and love working with vanilla JS and CSS. I prefer not to work with Modern JavaScript Frameworks™ unless the application really calls for it—that said I do have a whole bunch of experience with functional React. I’m quite proficient with databases. I’m happiest building data-heavy apps. The bulk of my professional experience has been in e-commerce and supply chain. I have zero interest in blockchain.

I’m very proficient with LiveView and have apps to show off.

I otherwise consider myself a very product-focused developer. I prefer to work “cross-functionally” and have a lot of experience doing so. I also have experience working in what I considered a “proper” Agile environment. We worked directly with customers, showing them prototypes to ensure we didn’t waste time building them things they didn’t need (it’s surprising how just often what customers think they want isn’t what they need). I also enjoy admin-type stuff like running meetings and taking part in hiring. Good hiring process is particularly important to me, even before I spent months doing recession interviews. Lately, thought, it’s certainly become even more clear how many broken processes there are as well as how many employees are forced into it and would rather be anywhere else.

Here are the rest of my stats according to this section’s template:

Andrew Haust
Toronto, ON, Canada
Willing to relocate. Must be fully remote or dog-friendly office.
15 years professional web dev + over 10 hobby years before that (my intro to the web was GeoCities).
10+ years Rails, 4 years of Elixir (< 1 year pro), well verse in CSS, JS, Postgres, SQLite, React

Thanks for reading.