Android app "Exec Elixir"

Hello everyone,

here is a simple android app that executes Elixir code.

This app can run and manage elixir scripts. The elixir code is executed by erl. The scripts can be saved and reloaded.

There is a second android app for erlang:

Don’t hesitate to post any remarks or suggestions for improvement.


Why can’t I downloaded it from my country?

Which country?

Best regards


According to his profile it is Bangladesh

It is available now.

Thanks! I can download now! Although I couldn’t see output of any script. I tried running the examples but nothing shows. What might be wrong?

There is a debug option in the Preferences dialogue. Maybe it helps.
There are some android devices which make trouble.

Is the source code available somewhere?

No, sorry.
Why du You ask?

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To test it, study it.