Announcing AshCloak, a small but powerful extension for attribute encryption!


AshCloak is small but mighty! Simply configure the extension, and it will encrypt your attributes :partying_face:

Since an example is worth a thousand words, here is the example from our documentation:

A couple notes:

  1. This is a release candidate of an extension that handles your sensitive data. If you use this and you don’t thoroughly test its functionality, you’ll get no sympathy from me :slight_smile:

  2. There are, of course, some limitations. The calculations that we add for decrypting can’t be filtered on and sorted on like regular attributes can. So don’t get trigger happy and encrypt everything. Security always has trade-offs :cry:

  3. This package is only compatible with Ash 3.0, and will not be back-ported (not by me, at least).

See the getting started guide for more!


This takes care of a lot of HIPAA compliance pretty easily.