Announcing Firestorm - Forum built with Phoenix

Our first (pre-1.0) release of the Firestorm Forum, written in Phoenix, is available now.

The full announcement is available, dogfood style, on the official Firestorm forum.

We got some great news for you today! After a long hackathon: Firestorm 0.9 is available on github! Also we’ve deployed the Firestorm official forum, so please come chat!

This is our first major public release, and while it is still a few features short of 1.0, we think that the data model is sane and it is ready to be used by others.

We also have a sweet site up and be sure to check the patrons page. If you should be listed there and you are not, please email so we can fix it.

We’d love feedback on both the site and the 0.9 release.

Original EF thread: Firestorm - an open source forum to be built in Phoenix!


Internal server error

Steps to reproduce:

  1. visit:
  2. click on: Watching or Participating in

Found in less than second. :smiley:

ping @knewter

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yuuuuup. pushing a fix. I added those at the last second and forgot to require user on 'em (they work if you’re logged in). Shouldn’t really show them to visitors either I don’t suppose. Thanks! :slight_smile:

@Eiji luckily continuous integration + continuous deployment means it took moments to get a fix to production :slight_smile:

Congrats on your first pre-1.0 release Josh :023:

I’ve added a link to the Kickstarter announcement thread into your post in case anyone’s interested :slight_smile: (Also edited the title slightly to make it easier to post updates in the thread)

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Is this still active? anyone know?


@andre1sk: Related issue:


Yep was hoping it might get better visibility here