Announcing HOCON: a HOCON parser in Elixir

Announcing a parser for HOCON configurations written in Elixir. HOCON is an abbreviation for
Human-Optimized Config Object Notation. It is a format for human-readable data and a superset of JSON.
In the Java and Scala world the HOCON format is used for building configuration files.

Spec Coverage

  • [x] parsing JSON
  • [x] comments
  • [x] omit root braces
  • [x] key-value separator
  • [x] commas are optional if newline is present
  • [x] whitespace
  • [x] duplicate keys and object merging
  • [x] unquoted strings
  • [x] multi-line strings
  • [x] value concatenation
  • [x] object concatenation
  • [x] array concatenation
  • [x] path expressions
  • [x] path as keys
  • [x] substitutions
  • [ ] includes
  • [x] conversion of numerically-indexed objects to arrays
  • [ ] allow URL for included files
  • [ ] duration unit format
  • [ ] period unit format
  • [ ] size unit format

More information, sources and packages: and github


Ooo I’ve always liked the HOCON format, even though it is a bit overdesigned, I still really like it for configs and so forth. ^.^

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