Another milestone, a new mod and our new sponsorship scheme!

I intended to post this update when we reached 2,000 members (our last update was a few months ago at 1,200) but the forum is growing so fast that we are now 2,650 members strong! I am sure this is testament to how welcoming and friendly the Elixir community is, so well done everyone!

Our new sponsorship scheme

Our community is made up of more than just people - businesses and other organisations play an important role too and I think it’s only fair we have an outlet where they can get involved with the forum and promote themselves in the process.

Our sponsors will not only help support us to continue run and host the forum to the professional manner you have grown accustomed to, but help fund other community focused projects and allow us to offer rewards and prizes to our members as well. We already have some fantastic ideas that we think you will love!

We are currently offering a special introductory offer of a further 10% off any of the prices or bulk deals and discounts if an order is placed by the end of November. If this interests you, or you think it might interest your place of work, please check out the full details here:

A new mod

I’m sure many of you will have noticed that @OvermindDL1 has been spending a lot of time on the forum and helping so many of you recently, so it will be no surprise to learn that we have asked him to join the mod team :003: Welcome @OvermindDL1 - I am sure you will make a fantastic mod :023:

Well, that’s it for this update. Thank you all for you continued support - I am sure with your help we will continue to grow and do great things for Elixir and the community.


Just a quick note to say a new tier has been added so that we can accommodate those who would like to post a single advert on the forum. (All other tiers remain the same apart from the name-changes.)

Congrats @OvermindDL1 !


Yay! I always try to bring to a community that which I like to see in turn. Will continue doing what I can to help. :smile:


I’d like to echo my congrats to @OvermindDL1 as well. I’ve seen your posts all over the site, and they are incredibly thorough.