Another milestone, new admins, your feedback and mod nominations!

1,000 Strong

Well done everyone, we’ve just passed the 1,000 member mark! This is great news given that we are just 2 and a half months old - a testament to how friendly this community is and an indication of the excitement and buzz around Elixir itself :023:

New Admins

I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise to any of you, but please join me in welcoming @josevalim and @chrismccord to the admin team! I felt it was important to have both on the team - José for his general input and peace of mind and Chris because Phoenix is his baby and I thought it was only fair he was here to oversee our Phoenix areas. We are also joined by @georgeguimaraes who is a Plataformatec co-founder and he’ll be overseeing the Elixir news team.

Moderator Nominations

There are actually so many of you who would make fantastic additions to the team and I’m really keen to make room for those who want to get involved on a more official basis. So if you think anyone here would make a good moderator, or you think you would be an asset to the team yourself - please PM me to let me know. If you’re wondering what makes a good moderator, have a look at my quote from the last nominations thread below. I think we can comfortably double the mod team and this will probably be our last set of mod nominations for a while - after this we’ll approach people as and when a new mod is needed - so if you really want to be on the team, now’s your chance! (We’ll let nominations run for a week or two.)

Mods are usually active members of the site who have two main responsibilities, to help the community (by being friendly, welcoming, helpful, etc) and to help the forum (moving threads to appropriate sections, renaming thread titles, removing spam, etc) perhaps with more of a focus on helping users/the former since most users on this forum are tech-savvy.

Your Feedback

It’s been a fortnight since José announced the migration plans from ELT to this forum, and so I think it’s time to invite feedback. Whether you came over from ELT or not, please let us know how you feel things are going along with any other feedback you might have (and everyone else please feel free to comment on any feedback you agree/disagree with yourself). We’ve already made quite a few changes following initial feedback, and of course we’ll continue to do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs. The only thing I’d ask is that when posting feedback, please try to consider things from the perspective of the overall community and what would be best for the forum as a whole.

Well that wraps up this update. For a 2 and a half month old forum we are doing phenomenally well - let’s keep the momentum going!


Just a quick bump to say that mod nominations will soon be coming to a close - so if you really want to nominate someone, or are a fairly active/knowledgable/helpful member yourself and would love to be on the team, please PM me asap :icon_cool:

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