Any beginner friendly Phoenix Liveview projects, tutorials. blogs

Hello all,

I recently did my first app in Phoenix and Liveview, many thanks to all the users who assisted me. I found that the tutorial I used didn’t explain it as well as I expected.

My question is are there any projects or mini-apps, that you can recommend a beginner such as myself to do so I can get a little more comfortable with the language and framework?

Thank you

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Welcome to the club.
Your first real project has to be something you have a need yourself, because most likely no one else will use it :slight_smile:
So it all depends on what you want to do. Throw out some ideas and we can help you to filter out things that are too hard.


Thank You for responding,

well Mr. Derek I am really trying to learn and thought a small guided app or tutorial that is more detailed would better help me grasp what I am learning.

I feel if I created a solo app at this phase I would fail horribly

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The more you fail, the more you learn…

That said, Phoenix LiveView Free Course | The Pragmatic Studio is a fantastic resource for beginners, covering pretty much all the basics of LV development.



Thank you for replying back, this link seems to be everyone’s favorite, it is very much up to date and clean and easy to follow.

Are there any YouTubers or blog posts/screencasts that you personally followed that helped you on your Elixir journey?

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Small chat app. Open 3 browser tabs pointing at the same address, register as 3 separate uses and get cracking. :slight_smile:


I highly recommend the phoenix section of the blog. It might be a bit challenging for beginners though.


I was about to ask the same question. I am just starting in LiveView, and the version currently installed using mix is 0.16.4. The tutorials I’ve tried so far use much older versions. In some, I can work my way through the errors and warnings caused by the version differences, but some I can’t. The tutorials I’ve seen so far are using versions below 0.10.

It’s unfortunate that the LiveView docs don’t walk you through an example app like the Phoenix docs do.

So, does anyone know of any tutorials/guides that use LiveView v.0.16+? Or a version close to that?


The book Programming Phoenix LiveView has been really helpful for me. It’s not finished yet, but most of the chapters have been published and if you buy it you’ll get the updated versions as they’re released.