Any Bitbucket users?

Hi folks,

In my current company we are using Bitbucket Server since it integrates well with other Atlasian products we use. But it’s a bit annoying Bitbucket doesn’t have syntax highlighting in PRs which is 8 years old feature request.

It also doesn’t support syntax highlighting for Elixir, ticket about it was created more than 2 years ago.

It seems like Atlasian finally started to work on PRs, but they are not going to do anything about Elixir while there is no enough votes for this feature.

So I wonder if there are any other Bitbucket users, maybe you can vote for this ticket and help us all to get closer to solution?


Used bitbucket with my side project team since it had/has private repo´s for free (before github).
But ultimatily hosting gitlab ourselfs is way better for CI/CD.
Anyway just voted.



Another elixir-related ticket is support elixir highlighting in snippets:

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